Instructors` training

Aviva Method HungaryAVIVA Method  

The AVIVA Method Instructors` training can be carried out under the supervision, contribution and assistance of the Aviva foundation.

The AVIVA Foundation has developed and is continuously developing the curriculum and the methodology of the Instructors’ training, and thus guaranteeing the training sessions` quality standards. 

In order to safeguard the high standards of the Instructors` training, applicants must meet the following conditions of application: 

  1. Relevant professional qualification /experience: sports instructor, PE teacher qualification…etc.

  2. Learning the Aviva Method from an official Aviva Method Instructor by participating in a 4 –hour Basic training course (certificate is required)

  3. Having practised the Simple Method for at least 6 months (in order to gather own experiences regarding the Method, and participating in practice sessions)

  4. Suitability, body awareness, excellent communication skills and empathy

  5. Basic IT skills: knowledge of how to use Word, e-mail and internet

  6. In the first instance we welcome applications from a region which is not yet covered by an Instructor. We promote the cooperation and coherence of our Instructors: we strongly recommend contacting the Aviva Instructors already practising in your area.

One of the aims of the Aviva Foundation is to promote the Aviva Method widely with the training of professional, open minded and helpful Instructors.


The Aviva Method is a registered trademark within the European Union: it cannot be used without the approval of the Aviva Foundation. The trademark registration can be checked on the European Union Intellectual Property Office Website: 

About the AVIVA Foundation:

The Foundation was set up on 16 July 2002 in order to promote, propagate and to support the Aviva Method. The President of the Board of Trustees is Mrs Mariann Sarkadi Kolozsvarine. 

Members of the Board of Trustees are: Ms Erzsebet Hajzer, Ms Edit Sarkadi, Mr Gyorgy Sarkadi and Mrs Maria Zana Zsambokne

Any donations are welcome to the following bank account:

OTP BANK, account number: 11710002-20084266

(Currently the Aviva Foundation is not entitled to receive 1% donations of your income tax)

If you have any success stories with regard to the Method please share it with us by emailing to