For Men

When, how and in what cases does the Method help MEN?

The following could be important motivations for men to do the exercises: hormonal harmony, detoxification and improving overall digestive function and prevention of the development of prostate and erectile problems.

The exercises designed especially for men (Volume II) can cure prostate problems, erectile disfunction (impotence) and may even help with constipation. When doing the exercises men can take short breaks , they do not need to practise without stoppoing, as they are not striving for inner body heat.  



Male patientsshould do the exercises for 25-30 minutes once or twice a week, and it is allowed to spread the exercises during the whole day. These exercises also contribute to sperm vitality.

For men, the 18 exercises are recommended for the enhancement of fertility. Increased blood circulation raises the quantity of the sperm cells, at the same time boosting their viability and mobility. Couples trying for a baby can exercise together. The exercises have a positive effect on men who do sedentary jobs in office environments. For many men, the strengthening of their masculinity is the goal. With regular exercises their personal growth can be quite spectacular and effective.