Tóth LÍvia Aviva Módszer oktató

Welcome to my homepage! My name is Lívia Tóth.

During the delivery of my third child I received an inducing injection that made my womb prolapsed. As a result I developed erythroplakia, incontinency and irregular cycle. My doctors suggested hyserectomy (removal of my uterus). I was so afraid of the medical procedure because of my allergies to certain medicines that I started self healing with the help of Mazdaznan and irrigation. I succeeded!

When I first heard about AVIVA’S METHOD that was said to enable women to control their biological processes through different dance moves. I decided I will learn it so I could help others, too. I travelled to Israel to learn the exercises from Aviva herself and became her 45th original certified teacher, yet the only one in Hungary.

I am a qualified radio- and electronic engineer. I turned to natural healing methods because of my illness. After finishing various courses (e.g. in acupressure, reflexology and radiesthesia) I entered the College of Buddhism and studied astrology. By finishing a one-year sports- educational course of the City Council of Budapest I became a recreational trainer. At the Juhász Gyula College in Szeged I graduated as a health science teacher.  

Besides teaching AVIVA’S METHOD I also teach ETKA yoga, do voluntary help at the Mazdaznan society’s educational work in teaching proper diet, breathing and gland-exercises.