Aviva Gabriella Steiner Aviva's method instructor


Aviva Gabriella Steiner

Aviva, the Hungarian teacher of physical education has been searching for years how to voluntarily control the womb-process. In 1966 in Israel she developed a series of exercises for elderly women that induced and regulated cycles in women in their menopause. On the bases of these exercises and as a result of decades of research she developed a series of exercises , called the Aviva method that enable women to regulate their cycles.


The exercises and move sequences may be effective in the following conditions:

  1. They induce menstruation in cases of delays for any possible reasons.
  2. They schedule the period for a desired day thus act like a supplement to condom use. Some women prefer to menstruate on weekends; some however choose to save the weekends for their sexual life.
  3. They also induce menstruation in cases of longtime absence of periods (months or even years) and can bring on the first period of women between 20 and 32. Women who have been missing their period for 13-14 years experience changes in no more than six weeks.
  4. They reduce the duration of the period from 5-7 days to 2-4 days. Menstrual periods of 10-14 days are reduced to 5-6 days. Women prefer periods of three days. As the saying goes: “If it lasts for six, how much time will we have for sex?”
  5. They reduce symptoms of menopause. Menopause lasts until the age 45-55. It is characterized by the total absence or irregularity of menstruation. The exercises can bring on menstruation during this period as well; however the aim is to alleviate the symptoms of this critical period of a woman’s life. Pay attention to proper circulation, the flexibility of genitals and the inner tissues of vagina and their strength for they tend to prolapse. These symptoms can interfere with sexual life as well.
  6. They help curing infertility. Even women in their early 40s who never could have children can give birth to a healthy child.
  7. They help fighting obesity in cases when the reason of overweight is the absence of menstruation. Experiences show that the exercises cause about 5 pounds of weight loss a month.
  8. They alleviate premenstrual pain. Do the exercises a few days before the beginning of the period. If the pain persists during the period, proceed with the exercises during menstruation but make sure you do them moderately.
  9. They stop unwanted milk secretion (galatorrhoea) extremely fast. The exercises can bring on menstruation after childbirth and even during breastfeeding but in these cases they do not stop milk secretion.
  10. They provide efficient help in stressful and depressed conditions in patients of both genders. During stressful periods (e.g. exams) it is ill advised to drink coffee and take stimulants. Instead, do these exercises for they stimulate circulation, and thus induce vigilance and a pleasant mood. Because of their stimulating effects, don’t do the exercises directly before sleep. Start doing the exercises immediately when you experience stress; thus instead of strengthening tension further stress enhances the effect of the exercises.

 Further informations: infoatavivamodszer.hu

E-book: Aviva Method 1.